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Particularly suitable for storing items weighing between 300 to 600 kg. Medium Duty consist of two type : Medium Duty Rack and Shelving Rack. Medium Duty Racks are constructed using vertical frames (posts) which are made using C-Chanel profile (C-50 x 50 x 10 x t 2,0 mm).


Product List :

Name Picture Dimension Description
Medium Duty Rack as by request.

The Medium Duty Rack possess similar features to pallet racking, however not use bolts.

This type of rack uses a pin system to clip the beams onto an upright frame.

Plywood planks are then placed over the beams.

Shelving Rack   as by request.

Shelving Rack is kind of medium duty rack systems which uses steel shelves for storing items.

The span beam is constructed by C-Channel profile (single or double) and secured by using bolts & nuts for the vertical frames.