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Lion's Heavy Duty Racking system offer a full range of storage system and equipments which can fulfill all kind of loading requirements. Our heavy duty racking system use pallets to store items and, therefore are particularly suitable for storing heavy and bulky items up to 20,000 kg per unit / column.


Product List :

Name Picture Dimension Description
Double Deep Pallet Rack as by request.

Generally it has same principal with selective pallet rack. The difference only how to locate the rack.

Pallet rack in the middle of the room was set 4 lines, so the system requires the use of a special forklift.

First-in, first-out product rotation will be bothered.

Drive In Rack   as by request.

Drive In Rack is a popular method of achieving high density storage,

where loads cannot be stacked on each other due to load instability or crushing and it provides high volume storage and retrieval capacity.

This Racking System intends to minimizing operating space areas. Effective storage capacity can be up to 60 % or more.


Operational System:

Pallet are stored on runners in the depth of the racks, allowing forklift to enter the racking module to deposit and retrieve loads.

Mezzanine Rack   as by request.

Mezzanine Racks is a multi-tier rack system whose floors are made of either steel plates or plywood.

Besides being used for storage, the floors can also be used as office space.

Mobile Rack   as by request.

Mobile Rack using first-in, first-out product rotation system that maximizes storage capacity,

in a given area as the space for only one aisle is required to provide access to all racking locations.


Operational System:

Mobile Rack depths up to 9.5 meters can move simply carrying in excess of 30.000 kg.

The mobile bases run on rails accurately in-laid into the floor, operated with a single rear mounted guide wheel (Mechanical System).

The system operates easily and quietly, enabling several shelving units to be moved at the same time without any great effort.

Multitier Rack   as by request.

Multitier pallet racks can be built up into 2 or 3-tiers to maximize space utilization. Open floor areas are covered with steel planking or plywood.

Selective Pallet Rack   as by request.

It is the most common of standard pallet racking in warehouse system.

Using first-in, first-out product rotation, suitable for all applications and ideal for combined storage and order picking areas.