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PT Lion Metal Works Tbk is an Indonesian-based steel plate fabricating company engaged in the manufactures of office equipment, warehouse equipment, C channels, building and construction material, and safe & security equipment. PT Lion Metal Works Tbk has an annual production capacity of 60.000 tons.

The company was established on August 16th, 1972 in Jakarta under the name PT Lion Metal Works Tbk as a Foreign Capital Investment company and was founded as a joint venture between Indonesian businessman with Singaporean and Malaysian companies.

Headquartered in Cakung East Jakarta, PT Lion Metal Works Tbk was built on an area of 32.130 square meters, the building facilities 19.814 square meters employs 904 employee.

Marketing Office located in Sidoarjo to meet the demand of the area of East Java. PT Lion Metal Works Tbk also has a factory located in The Lion Group Industrial Park located in Purwakarta. With good production capacity, PT Lion Metal Works Tbk have the products with brands that is known in terms of both quality and strength. Those products are :

 Each product PT Lion Metal Works Tbk has gone through a long series of processes as well as test of certification institutions nationally and internationally.