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PT. Lion Metal Works Tbk. has develop their business in Indonesia on August 1972 in Jakarta.

The company business activities are manufacture of Steel Office Equipment, Warehouse Equipment, Building Material , Hospital Equipment and High Security and other steel fabricated products.

In 1993, 1996 and 1997 PT. Lion Metal Works Tbk. offer 52 million of its shares to the public. The said shares have been registered at Jakarta and Surabaya Stock Exchange.


We are committed to be the leading steel fabricated product manufacturer through good planning, continuous improvement in product quality and design, competitive pricing and prompt delivery to meet customer’s requirements.


PT. Lion Metal Works Tbk was established on August 16th, 1972 in Jakarta as a foreign capital investment company which are a joint venture between Indonesian, Singaporean and Malaysian businessmen and also as a member of Lion Group in Malaysia.

The Company’s factory and office are located at Jalan Raya Bekasi Km. 24,5 - Cakung, east of Jakarta and the area is approximately 37.000 m2 with the installed capacity + 27.000 ton /year.

The Company’s business activities is classified into several groups of products and can be made according to customer requirement, as follows :

  • Office equipment : Filling cabinet, cupboard, locker, table, partition and chair.
  • Hospital equipment : Patient bed,   medicine cabinet, side table and other supporting need.
  • Security & safety equipment :  Brankas, fire proof filling cabinet, safe deposit and hotel bedroom safe.
  • Storage equipment : Pallet rack, drive in rack, slotted angle rack, shelving rack
  • Building equipment : C-Channel, cable support, steel and fire doors, truss.

The Company marketing system is integrated between direct user (customer) and indirect user (dealers, consultants) and supported an engineering team to helping a presentation and technical explanation to customer and also to anticipate the products development in the future as the market needs.

All products are sold with “LION” brand, to be produced through a good production planning and also integrated and consistently quality control stages to ensure a quality of finished product meet the determined standard so commitment to customer satisfaction fulfilled.

To support products ability, PT. Lion Metal Works Tbk is a cooperative with Burositzmobel Fabrik Friedrich W. Dauphin GmbH & Co (Germany) ; Hugo Fritschi AG (Swiss) ; Fichet Bauche SA (France) and Underwriters Laboratories Inc (USA).

PT. Lion Metal Works Tbk also do a periodical training and upgrading of human capability / competency to ensure all processes relation in each function to be handled correctly, effectively, professionalism and fulfill each quality target.

To increase prosperity and awareness of employees, the corporate gives a salary basic based on government regulation, responsibilities and their performance.

PT. Lion Metal Works Tbk continue to build and strengthen its existence by following the market expansion and also making continual improvement.

PT. Lion Metal Works Tbk continues to develop it is business with the addition / expansion of the factory in Subang Sadang Km. 12.5 - Purwakarta, West Java, and the area is approximately +??25,500 m2.

In addition, PT. Lion Metal Works Tbk also conduct CSR programs as a form of corporate social responsibility towards the community as well as a main object and the subject in all its activities and the company's commitment to support the creation of sustainable development (sustainable development).



We shall be the leading manufacturer of steel fabricated products in Indonesia for local & global market to enhance quality of life.


We are committed to be the leading steel fabricated product manufacturer through good planning, continuous improvement in product quality and design, competitive pricing and prompt delivery to meet customers requirement.


We are committed to satisfy customer by :

  • providing high quality products
  • delivery on time
  • response customer requirements in prompt action and effectively

through consistenly implementation of Quality Management System ISO 9001 : 2008 and to conduct continuously improvements.


  • A good quality out-put
  • On time delivery
  • Reducing customer complaints
  • Highly significant improvement
  • Highly selling


  • Commitment together
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Respect & Emphaty for Individuals
  • The positive team spirit
  • Customer Oriented

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