Our Product

>> Office Equipment

Lion Office Equipment provide variety of solutions for filing storage and office equipments problem with ability to adapt to any situation and any requirement for optimize the function and the storage space utilization. All range of Lion Office Equipment products are available in various type and size.

>> Racking System

Design of warehouse system with maximize the use of available space and affordable price. More than 30 years experience to make Warehouse Racking System and modern material handling, strong, safe and efisien. Our Enginnering ready to study and research customer need afterwards planned a design and most efisien system. Lion make available racking warehouse products with kind of racking system products and fulfill the storage requirements.

>> Lion Safe

Specially fire protection requirements with highest performance of international which is made of high quality insulation materials with save and protect ability of important documents, certificates, money, goldsmith, watch, and any valuable items. Security and Fire Proof safe requirement was tested and proved to meet international standart.

>> Building Material

Products of Building Material which is compatible to nowadays purpose for the optimum function, building endurance, and able to economize the maintenance. The products are Liontruss, Steel & fire Door, and Cable Support System. The Products can be adjust with building design.

>> Cold Forming

A lot of design of multifloor building and high construction which is purpose to have a result with powerful and strong construction use C Channel. Utilizing of building construction as Gording, Coloumn, Beam. Be sides as Fence, Pallet until Vehicle FrameworkLion. C-Lipped Channel available with variable size and thickness and can appropriate with necessity.

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